600 odroid u3 minings

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I have 600 items of odroid u3 . I want to make mining farm that works 24/7. Each Odroid shows 200 h/m .Electricity is almost free. I have an internet with 1 gigabit speed. Can you please suggest correct way to build the farm.
1) Do iI need to create worker for each odroid or use one worker account?
2)How to calculate aproximate earnings from 120 kh/m?
3) Can i use 100 mbit switches? Or I need only 1 gigabit switches?

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Show Here. viewtopic.php?f=14&t=26
Birty, have Build a Farm with many odroid XU4 for mining(solo)

Here is calculator from pool. You can mine with 120k 16-17vrm per day with Pool. But with your hashrate go solomining. You can mine more I think .Best one is you Test what's better for you.
When you need more help, go to slack chat. Many people on for help. https://vericoinandveriuminvite.herokuapp.com/
You can mine with all your miner with one workername.
I think 100mbit is enough.

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