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I recently (5 July) tried exchanging some BTC to VRC (22.66~VRC) using This is my first VRC although I have transacted with plenty of other cryptocurrencies before and done several successful exchanges on Shapeshift on other currencies.

The VRC appears on the blockchain at the correct address via the explorer: ... ZtLaUe.htm

But it does not appear in my Vericoin digital wallet or on the blockchain using Vericoin's own blockchain explorer: ... JF3CZtLaUe

The wallet was originally a generated paper wallet to receive the VRC from Shapeshift and I have triple checked several times now to make sure that I indeed used the correct wallet address as well as checking that my private key generates the correct public address to which the funds were sent and in which the funds appear in the cryptoid blockchain explorer. I have imported the private key into my Windows Vericoin QT wallet and have redownloaded the blockchain and rescanned the wallet several times but unfortunately I still do not see the VRC.

I contacted Shapeshift support and they said I should contact my wallet provider as they can see the transaction here: ... 9e16552133 which one can then also see is tied to the wallet address mentioned above.

Any help would be most appreciated, thanks!



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If this helps is wrong. It shows my wallet at 0 too but chainz shows the correct amount.

Its not an answer but its not misleading information like explorer :)


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