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Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:08 am

hi, can someone help me....i can see my transactions completed on blockchain....i have sent vericon and verium from bittrex account...i cant find my old wallet address for either account....after entering passphrase on ether....THIS IS FROM MY BITTREX SENT FUNDS

07/04/2017 VRM 4.82073694 Completed
Address: VVPdckqAHMV7eh9VK1VPzqNPscASxiKD28
TxId: 5e459e79600d9ae86aa61104df4fdf07dac317ccbb6717e8f38e5b29405d4e92

07/09/2017 VRC 40.77341173 Completed
Address: VSbpdhANMLs2m62ne5kwd12FSgJZJQ5ndy
TxId: 41156fef9728c07f622f732a27eb9dae7b183b91d502eb942e6f6e1d5b9417ec

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