new to mining verium: some questions

Mining Rigs, mining optimization and pools for Verium
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totally new to verium and vericoin and I am starting to mine right away.

1- I am mining with a single computer now but I have 12 other dual xeon I would like to use to mine. How do I set them to mine to the same account?

2- or should I send verium manually from all my slave nodes to a main node and if so how much are the fees?

3- how can configure verium and vericoin so the data will be on another drive than my c drive? Will it create a huge data folder like bitcoin does?


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To setup multiple machines to mine on a single account (wallet address) you need to either have veriumd (verium daemon) or Verium Vault setup for "solo" mining. Then you install veriumMiner on each computer and point them to the IP of the previously setup veriumd/vault. Visit our slack if you would need more help.

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