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Verium Mining Rig Competition

Show off your Verium Mining Rig with photos/video and win big prizes.

- 2 x 500 VeriCoin (VRC)
- 1 x 50 Verium (VRM)
- 1 x One Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver Physical Verium coin made by Socal ($50 value)

Contest Rules
Contestants are required to post 3 pictures and 1 video of their mining rig. One photo must show their forum and slack user name on a white piece of paper. All required fields must be entered in the entry forum post to be eligible(One post per entry). The contest will run for 4 weeks and end on midnight (August 18, 2017). Voting will start at the end of the entry deadline and run for one week. The winner for each category will be chosen at the end of the one week voting period. The contestant with the highest votes in each category wins. Contestants are only eligible to win once during this competition.
*all contestants and winners must be willing to share their pics/videos on social media*

Competition Categories

1) Best Custom Mining Rig
  • Oil Cooled, Water cooled, LED lights, spinners you name it. This for the DIY setup, show off your craftsmanship.
Prize - 1 x 500 VeriCoin (VRC)

2) Best Technical Mining Rig
  • Neat, clean and organized setup. Show off your OCD :-)
Prize - 1 x 50 Verium (VRM)

3) Best Big Cluster Single Board Mining Rig (11 or more SBC’s)
  • This is for the big cluster miners running their cluster of 11 or more Odroids, Raspberry Pi’s or other single board cluster rigs.
Prize - 1 x 500 VeriCoin (VRC)

4) Best Small Cluster Single Board Mining Rig (10 or less SBC’s)
  • This is for the little guys running their Odroid clusters, Raspberry Pi’s and Orange Pi’s.
Prize - 1 x One Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver Physical Verium coin made by Socal ($50 value)

All categories will be voted on by the community and the winner with the most votes wins.

One post per entry

Example of Submission

Forum username - (username)

Slack username - (username)

Name of your Mining Rig - (name of your rig)

Mining Rig Details - (details of your rig)

(3)Photos including one with username on white piece of paper


If you have any questions about this competition please DM verimad.

Thank you and good luck to all the contestants
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Forum username - birty

Slack username - birty

Name of your Mining Rig - Silent Oil

Mining Rig Details - 40 XU4 in a bath of lovely cooling oil, with individual power control per miner and current monitoring per pair of miners. Cooled using EKWB radiator, 4 fans and pumped using EKWB pump. Custom board to monitor ambient, inlet and outlet oil temperatures and PWM control the fans. Web interface for monitoring the whole setup


Video -
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Forum username -Strovu

Slack username - Strovu

Name of my Mining Rig - StrobFX Render Farm

Mining Rig Details - Hi, I do 3D animation and VFX for a living. I started in crypto in 2013 with some bitcoin and ripple. I have a render farm that I use to render animation and simulate fluid simulations that is idle most of the time. So I thought maybe I should find a crypto I could still mine with it. I have 12 working computers: 6 barebones in a rackmount, 6 workstations (1 needs repair and is not working right now), and a laptop. they are all dual Xeon except the laptop which has an i7. The rackmount is in my basement and cooled by a portable air conditioning unit. I built all my workstations piece by piece except for the Dell. the barebones came with the motherboard already installed so I just sat the cpus, ram and hard drives. I calculated that I should have at least 43,542 H/m. I have 280 cores total but only 262 car mine (one workstation has 40 core but cpuminer-opt hcan use a max of 32 it seems) and some of my render nodes are missing hard drive space so I can't set their virtual memory to the needed 65Gb that would allow to use all their 24 cores. If I win this contest I would use the money to buy some ssd to add to these to theoretically pump it to 46,000H/m.

Here are the 3 pics:

And the video: ... ork0h00410

Thanks! And please vote for me!

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Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:24 pm

Forum username - jonf
Slack username - jonfatino
Name of your Mining Rig - ATL-VRM1

Mining Rig Details -

8x Supermicro microcloud chassis. Each chassis has 12 blades. Each blade has the following.
- 1x E3-1241v3 CPU
- 1x 8GB RAM

Total Servers = 96
Total Cores / Threads = 384 / 768
Hash rate per server = 1700 H/m
Total hash rate = 163200 H/m

Servers are in a standard rack in a data center.

Video =

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Forum username : Armaos
Slack username : Armaos

Name of my Mining Rig : Keep it simple

Mining Rig configuration :
UPS 540Watts / 900VA
08 W : Wirelesee router
72 W - 3.4Ghz - 4 thread - 1635 H/m (i5-3570k) {Debian}
76 W - 3.6Ghz - 8 thread - 1857 H/m (i7-4770k) {Debian}

Mining Rig details :
The goal is to share the mining concept to friends.
Show them that is not necessary to be an IT to enter in the Crypto world or having a lot of servers at home.
They can use their PC or old PC to mine and help the blockchain to be decentralized. (when it's good CPUs)

The goal of my mining ring is to optimize the power usage.
I'm "minning my storage" and the CPU one my servers.

Video :

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Verium MIcrowave

Forum Name - Jayycee
Slack name - JayyCee

Cpu's Xeon 2692 ES @ 2.2-3 Ghz
64gb RAM

Here is my mining rig affectionately called the Verium Microwave, on the account that it looks like one, that and its cooking me up some Verium :D

It was my first build of any kind which the community of Veri helped me greatly on building. ( Thanks to vanv101, Steven and Socal ! )
There is 19 fans not including the graphics and PSU with a lower rpm to maximise air flow but it's practically SILENT. Its barely noticeable without the GPU's running within this there is a total of 472 LEDS in it on the 14 blue case fans ALONE.

It hashes on average of 5500 H/m and is powered by 2 Xeon 2692 12 core engineering samples at 2.2 ghz ( not 2.4 like i said in the video ) OC'd to 3ghz.
I have hyperthreading off which seems to hash better and is more stable. Its watercooled with two Ice kimo 240's which to my surprise work really well.
IMG_2440-min.JPG (168.2 KiB) Viewed 1207 times
Rig1-min.JPG (199.88 KiB) Viewed 1393 times
IMG_2401-min (3).JPG
IMG_2401-min (3).JPG (168.72 KiB) Viewed 1393 times
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Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:13 pm

Forum username: vanv101

Slack username: vanv101

Name of rigs: Cluster bucks

Mining Rig details:

1. (2U rack) 4x Opteron 6274 (16 core ea.), 64GB 1600Mhz ECC DDR3, 6x 2GB SAS, 2x Zotac 1050Ti 4GB.
--Mining VRM (cpu), BURST( hard drives), ZEC (GPUs).

2. (1U rack) 2x Xeon X5650 (6 core ea.), 24GB ECC DDR3, 2x 73GB SCSI.
--Mining VRM.

3. (2U rack) 2x Opteron 6172 (12 core ea), 64GB ECC DDR3, 8GB Thumb drive (OS install).
--Mining VRM.

4. Arm boards mining VRM (running either Debian, Ubuntu, or Raspian):

Nvidia TX2
Firefly RK3399
4x Nano Pi M3
2x Odroid XU4
Odroid C2
Raspberry Pi3
Orange Pi PC2



Total hashrate is aroud 22kH/m.

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Forum username: verispasm

Slack Username: verispasm

Name of my mining rig: Deda

Mining Rig Details: Named in honour of my late grandfather who worked his way to freedom in the coal mines. I also hope to secure my families future mining long term. This rig is setup with easy maintenance, low initial capital cost and future server upgrades in mind.

12 x 1u twin cpu e5-2650 v1 xeon rackmount servers with 32gb ram giving between 4.1-4.9Kh/min on 32 threads each. 6 Foxconn units from (verium discount voucher code available) and 6 unbranded whitebox units from ebay. All modded to maximise airflow from fans.

Secure Acer Aspire mini pc, to be used for future solo mining wallet header, currently staking.

Surge protected and uses a 16amp blue plug supply.

Convair low power evaporative cooler unit feeding the front.

Hot air either extracted from insulated outbuilding or redirected into my home to augment heating based on ambient temp.

6 x r13 dynatron 1u cpu coolers using independent controller for some hotter cpus.

Temperature/humity logger.

2 x 8 way KVM switches linked to interact with all 12 servers and header pc.

Sounds loud in the video but not audible outside the utility room it is in because the evaporative cooler is very effective at saving power by keeping fan speeds low.

Total hashrate 52Kh/min
IMG-20170818-WA0004.jpg (229.02 KiB) Viewed 1203 times
IMG-20170818-WA0002.jpg (227.58 KiB) Viewed 1203 times
IMG-20170818-WA0000.jpg (237.45 KiB) Viewed 1203 times

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photo with forum name:
IMG_20170818_205426.jpg (107.44 KiB) Viewed 1193 times

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