Mac OSX client "Verium Vault" unstable when mining multiple clients

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Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:00 pm

I switch from pool mining to solo mining over the weekend (with some great results, got 3 blocks in 2 days), with four servers each with around 4000 h/m using RPC to my iMac which is running the VeriumVault Wallet (3.5ghz i7 16Gb ram) but after around 18 hours Verium Vault crashes, usually while I'm sleeping causing my miners to stop. I don't have the iMac mining.

I ran the Verium Vault for a month (without mining) on my iMac without issues, ever since I pointed my servers to the wallet it started crashing constantly.

Can we get an ETA when you plan to fix the OSX Verium Vault wallet?

I can provide crash dumps if required.



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