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New to Vericoin and Verium here. I have some questions which may have been answered on the old forums, but it might be helpful to get them answered here early since it is difficult to reach the archive from Google.

Could someone explain "generated but not accepted"? I get the general idea: my wallet generated interest based on my "stake-time" and tried to extract a block or blocks (sorry I don't know all of the specifics) but it was not confirmed by the network. I have four such transactions totaling 12.something VRC. The detail explanation in-client says the transactions are "conflicted" and may end up being "not confirmed." But what I want to know is, if that happens, did I waste those days I waited for that interest? Does my "stake-time" just sort of vanish with bad luck?

The back story is that I think my client got stuck and went offline right after the interest was generated. Because at one point these four transactions had a different status of "immature" and awaiting confirmation, or something like that. they were stuck on 2, 3, and 4 confirmations out of 510. In the past I have solved problems with the VRC client by simply restarting (such as when it would get stuck loading blocks and never get to in sync). So that's what I did this time. Only it seems that by the time I got back in sync, the network had left me behind, and my interest was lost.

Another detail to note is that now my client says I should receive interest in about 7 hours. This is a shorter time frame than the first time I staked. Is that because it has sensed that the interest didn't work the first time and so I will get interest sooner to sort of make up for it?

Forgive me if these are newb questions, once again, but it would be nice to have a tutorial of how VRC interest actually works. It is all pretty hazy and the terminology is sometimes not consistent between various sources.

Thanks for any help!

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A block (which you will see as generated interest) won't be accepted if it is on the wrong chain. Most likely what happened is you got forked off for a time and generated blocks that were not on the head of the full chain.

You can generally fix this by re-scanning the wallet or re downloading the chain. You can't get the orphaned blocks you generated earlier back, but once you are on the main chain, your stake-time is reset (since the chain doesn't count orphaned blocks), so you won't lose any interest.

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